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Embodying Your
Best Self

Walking you through the 5 powerful steps I personality took to start embodying my best self

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Presented by Jennie Patricia,
Transformation Life Coach

After years of fighting an internal battle of self-hatred and comparison, I got to a point where I decided something had to change. I was done with the constant belittling I was doing to myself. Done with the negative self-talk and done feeling like I wasn't enough AND too much at the same time. 

I wanted to start embodying my best self. I wanted to show myself and the world that I was worthy. Worthy of my dreams, of a life I loved, and of loving myself fully.

But how do I do it? How do I start embodying that person? Where do I even start? These were questions I had when I first decided enough was enough and started to take my life into my own hands and consciously create the world around me 

There were a lot of false starts and bumps in the road but I am happy to say that today I'm someone that loves themselves and their life and so, I put this masterclass together to help anyone out there finding it hard to step into their best self and change their story.

What is covered?

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Is this for you?

Loving yourself isn't selfish it's a necessity

This masterclass is for the women that:

  • Are ready to become their best self but aren't sure of the steps they need to take

  • Self-Sabotage themselves

  • Overthink everything they do

  • Live in a state of worry. Worrying about what others think, worry they aren't good enough...

  • Are ready to raise their vibration around what they think they are capable of achieving

  • Is ready for the uplevel!

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