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Helping you overcome your sh*t, so you can be the sh*t

Online Coaching with Jennie Patricia

Meet Jennie

Certified Transformation Coach

Hello and welcome.

My passion is empowering women to sit front row of their own life. 

My own journey started a few years back. I was living in a state of constant self-doubt, ruled by my emotions, and stuck in a very negative way of viewing myself. I was living life from a point of anger, hurt, and FEAR. I felt I was too much and not enough all at the same time, crippled with the belief that I wasn’t worthy!


After dealing with a difficult break-up I decided if I didn’t do something soon, I was forever going to live a life of feeling like the victim, of constantly looking for reasons life just wasn’t working out for me and so, I started my personal development journey.

It’s here I started my journey of self-development. I started to meditate daily, devoured every self-help book I could find, got myself into counseling, and found my passion for helping people.

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My journey has been a long and messy one (who isn’t) but it’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve done. I’ve learned to trust myself, believe in myself, and most importantly understand myself. 

I know what I like, what I don’t. What I stand for, what I don't. I have values and boundaries and I want to share all the tips, tricks, tools, and techniques I’ve learned along the way so that you too can fall in love with the life you’re living. 

There is no one you are with longer than yourself, so isn’t it time you started to love yourself a little bit more? 

I’m Jennie, a transformation life coach and I’m on a mission to empower women to reclaim their power, harness their strengths, and re-frame their mindset ready to step into their best & highest selves. Are you ready?


Client Testimonials

From the Source

Never having experienced coaching before I wasn't too sure what to expect. Let me tell you, WOW it was such a powerful and revealing session.

Jennie has a great energy, I connected with her immediately and she really took the time to help me get some focus.

Jennie was a fantastic coach. We immediately connected and I felt comfortable with her. She was fantastic at getting to the areas I wanted to improve and work on and find tools and ways to work through these to help me achieve my goals. She was especially good at helping with my mindset and self-confidence. I'd definitely recommend Jennie as a coach.

While working with Jennie I have learnt to trust in myself and my intuition and let go of how I would have things work out. The tools I have learnt over these weeks have been invaluable and cover so many different areas of my life. Thank you Jennie

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